The Situation: Buttigieg Can't Name Steps To Fix Supply Chain

Why should we expect Pete Buttigieg to do anything, but blame the pandemic for the supply chain issue? The Hill reported on his interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace.

"Look, there are so many things that are still happening in our economy — distortions, disruptions, things in our supply chain that are affecting prices that are clearly a direct consequence of the pandemic. Which is why the best thing we can do for our economy in the short term, and to deal with these transitory issues is to put the pandemic behind us," said Buttigieg.

The Transportation Secretary doesn't have any solutions to help the ports. He says there's steps, but won't tell us. They must be "secret" steps. The supply chain is experiencing the slinky effect, or rubber band as Michael explains.

Listen to the full show here. Uploaded weekdays after the live show.

The Situation: The Supply Chain Is Like A Rubber Band

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