This Restaurant Serves The Best Cinnamon Rolls In Colorado

Fresh  homemade Cinnamon rolls or Cinnamon buns

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Cinnamon buns aren't just breakfast delights. They can be enjoyed as a snack or a dessert at some places. These gooey, cinnamon-filled rolls are usually topped with a glaze or cream cheese frosting, but they can be topped with bacon bits, pecans, berries, and all kinds of yummy fixings.

Luckily, you can find cinnamon rolls at restaurants, bakeries, diners, and all kinds of eateries in the United States. If you're ever wondering where you can find the most delicious bun, Eat This, Not That! found the best cinnamon rolls in every state.

If you want the tastiest one in Colorado, you should head over to Johnson's Corner! Here's why writers chose this historic restaurant and bakery:

"Coloradoans know the best spot for cinnamon rolls is at a truck stop. Johnson's Corner has been serving cinnamon rolls since the 1950s, adding a bakery to the roadside stop in the 1960s to keep pace with the demand. Today, Johnson's Corner bakes more than 15,000 of their beloved (and huge) cinnamon rolls a month. They have special flavors each month like caramel apple, cranberry walnut, and key lime. 'It's worth the stop to sink your teeth into one of those rolls,' one Yelp reviewer wrote."

If you want to try this shop's cinnamon buns, drop by 2842 SE Frontage Rd. in Johnstown.

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