Colorado City Named A Western 'Boomtown' In 2022

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The housing market across the United States is exploding, especially in some suburban cities. As more people are looking outside of major metropolitan areas for a new home, SnapFi found nine Western cities are poised to become "boomtowns" in 2022.

One Colorado city made the cut, and that honor goes to Loveland!

Researchers explain what's making this city so attractive to home buyers:

"Located 45 minutes from Denver/Denver International Airport, 35 from Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park, 15 from Fort Collins, and 40 from Boulder, Loveland CO is a gateway to many fun places in the larger Denver metro area.
According to Brandon Wells, president and CEO of The Group Inc. real estate company, said in his annual real estate forecast that Loveland is set for even more rapid growth this year. The whole area around Loveland is! In Windsor, 323 more sales occurred last year than the year prior; Loveland saw 112 more sales last year; Fort Collins saw 110 more sales. The number of sales indicates that inventory was available to buy one way or another. Wells expects the number of homes sold in 2022 to be up 8% over 2021; on a national basis, the growth is expected to be 5%."

If you're wondering which American cities are seeing the most growth, click HERE to check out SnapFi's full article.

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