The Situation: Unintended Consequences

I finally had to pay bag fees this past weekend. Good thing there was no tax on my bag fee.

Shaun Boyd from CBS looks into bag fee unintended consequences.

More METH in Colorado Libraries. Check the story HERE!

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot dances as crime soars 61%

Dave Rubin takes a walk through San Francisco

New bill tries to cut pollution by offering tax credits on electric lawn equipment. Check out the story HERE!

Tyre Nichols news story and videos.

According to a new article from the Daily Wire (that you can read HERE), all of the police officers in the Tyre case were hired after the police recruiting standards were lowered because of George Floyd's death.

John Kennedy asking questions about basic constitution knowledge. The answers are shocking.

Why is it okay to build wind turbines that kill the whales?


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