Historic Spot Crowned Colorado's Best Dive Bar

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There was a time when dive bars had a bad reputation for being sketchy, dirty joints. Now, they're considered beloved parts of some communities and neighborhoods, whether you need a cheap drink after work or looking for a no-frills place to hang out with friends. Even then, there's much more charm to explore at these straightforward bars.

If you like checking out these under-the-radar spots, 24/7 Wall St. found the best dive bar in each state. To compile the list, researchers dove into ratings and reviews from Yelp, as well as consult websites, social media, and rankings from esteemed food-based websites. Researchers noted, "Many of these were disqualified because they were primarily restaurants, sports bars, or chain operations, or because they were judged editorially to lack essential dive bar characteristics."

According to the roundup, Nob Hill Inn was crowned Colorado's best dive bar! Here's why writers picked this establishment:

"This slightly gritty Denver old-timer – there’s been a bar or restaurant on the site since 1937 and it’s been called the Nob Hill Inn since 1954 – is decorated with paintings done by the owner when he was an art student 30-plus years ago. According to the Denver news and arts publication Westword, 'The off-band jukebox still takes dollar bills, and…[t]he crowd ebbs and flows as hipsters, old-timers, and guys wearing sunglasses indoors all come and go.'"

This bar is located at 420 E Colfax Ave. in Denver. They also have karaoke every Monday at 8 p.m.

Visit 247wallst.com for the full list of each state's top dive bar.

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