WATCH: Giant Dust Storm In New Mexico Visible From Space

Haboob dust storm in the desert

Photo: mdesigner125 / iStock / Getty Images

Massive dust storms rolled across New Mexico on Wednesday (June 19). The dust storms, known as haboobs, were caused by high winds from a series of severe thunderstorms across New Mexico and Texas.

Local authorities issued dust storm warnings for parts of New Mexico around the Interstate 10 corridor.

One of the dust storms, which can cut visibility to less than a quarter of a mile, caused a 23-car pile-up along Interstate 25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Officials said 18 people were hospitalized with various injuries.

One of the dust storms was so large that it could be seen from space. The Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere shared a video on X taken from satellites that shows the dust storm expanding westward from an extensive storm system.

"An absolutely incredible view of a dust storm marching across Mexico and New Mexico Wednesday evening," the organization wrote in the post.

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