Video Shows Bride's Wedding Dress Catching Fire Mid-Ceremony

Sparklers used celebrating a wedding with the bride and groom stood out of focus in the background.

Foto: Getty Images

A video shared online shows a bride's wedding dress catching fire mid-ceremony.

TikTok user @BaileyArtStudios shared a clip of attendees frantically trying to throw buckets of water on the newlyweds after the bride's gown was set ablaze.

"Sooo about the wedding I painted this weekend…I am SO relieved that no one was hurt," the TikTok user wrote in her caption. "It’s entertaining now, but at the time it was TERRIFYING.

"I was recording for content to go with the painting timelapse when this happened. I actually dropped my phone and ran to get a bucket of water.

"Amazingly, the bride kept smiling through it all! We later found out that she had several fire chiefs in the audience and trusted that they would handle the situation. But it was WILD."

The clip amassed more than 400,000 views on TikTok. A similar incident occurred last September when a bride bumped into several decorative candles while walking down the aisle.

TikTok user @holblythe shared a clip of herself unaware that her dress caught fire as it was quickly put out in a much less dramatic incident than the recent one.

"Keep watching to see my whole dress nearly go up in flames twice and me not even notice," she wrote in the video.

TikTok user Morgan Rusinko also recently shared a clip of herself getting her dress chopped in half because she got "too hot" in her gown.

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