Dan Caplis and Krista Kafer

Dan Caplis and Krista Kafer

About Dan Caplis
Dan must really like to talk. He’s both an award-winning trial lawyer and a radio talk show host. Since Dan has never shied away from a microphone or a good fight he’s also been a legal analyst for most of America’s top television networks and newspapers.

Dan is the proud son of a Chicago cop and his mom was a legendary community activist and pro-life leader. Dan somehow won an Evans Scholarship and they shipped him out to Colorado where he was elected student body president and named National Evans Scholar Of The Year.

Dan met and courageously (crazily?) proposed on-air to the stellar news anchor Aimee Sporer. Fortunately for everyone she said yes and they are about to celebrate 25 years of bliss. Thanks to Aimee they have two super-star kids, Joe and Caroline.

Dan is pro-faith, pro-family, pro-life and anti everything bad.

About Krista Kafer
When she’s not on the air, you’ll find Krista eating something delicious, hanging with friends and family, or in the company of animals.  She’s a Denver Post columnist and adjunct prof at a couple of local universities.  Before returning to her native Denver, Krista worked for two Members of Congress and for the Heritage Foundation.  She’s more libertarian than conservative and has an independent streak. Krista enjoys talking about public policy but is a science geek at heart. A western girl, she can handle a horse and a rifle, and recite Shakespeare, all at once if needed. Krista loves to travel and can say “hi” in 15 languages (but nothing else). She’s been lost on five continents because she lacks a sense of direction.  



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