Intellectual Ammunition for Wednesday, February 1: It's Neil Gorsuch

Even the Washington Post thinks Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Colorado's Neil Gorsuch, is exceptionally well suited to the job:


I suggest you read Neil Gorsuch in his own words in 2005 (before he became a judge) - note in particular his comments about the politicization of the judiciary due to the Senate confirmation process. Will be fascinating to see how Senate Democrats attack the man who wrote these words.


Additionally, I think it might be appropriate to include here the text of Wednesday's "Ross Report":

“An assiduous focus on text, structure, and history is essential to the proper exercise of the judicial function.” Those words from Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch of Colorado, strike terror in the hearts of liberals.

I don’t mean that as a purely partisan jab, but rather that Gorsuch’s judicial philosophy – that the Constitution means what it says and that if there is confusion about its meaning then the original intent of its drafters should carry the day, is the judicial equivalent of kryptonite to what the left had thought would be their court of steel once Hillary Clinton inevitably won the presidency.

But a strange thing happened on the way to that corrupt candidate’s coronation: The nation decided they’d had enough. Enough of Progressivism, enough of business as usual from both parties, enough of typical politicians. So voters elected a man with no experience in government but a strongly held view of what’s best for the nation.

During the campaign, Donald Trump made promises. A lot of them. He made them repeatedly. Unlike so many politicians, he wanted voters to remember them, to hold him to them.

And he has spent his first days as president honoring as many of them as he can in a short period of time.

Of all the promises he made, perhaps none is as important as the selection of a person who will likely be impacting American law and American life until after Donald Trump passes away.

Neil Gorsuch is arguably the single best choice Donald Trump could have made for the Supreme Court, at least if your goal is to return our nation toward respect for its Founding Principles.

With this one decision, Donald Trump has taken a substantial step toward being a very good, and very consequential president.

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