The Ross Report for Monday, February 13: SNL on tilt; the politics of immigration enforcement; Planet Earth II comes to TV

This is arguably the least funny Saturday Night Live political skit I've ever seen. You don't have to be a fan of Kellyanne Conway or the Trump administration to think this is horrendous. By the way, if SNL sexualized a Democratic female political appointee the way they did to Conway, not to mention portraying her as a homicidal lunatic, can you imagine the outrage?

Instead, we get this piece of garbage headline:


There were at least three other political skits, including the open with Melissa McCarthy doing a much less funny Sean Spicer than she did last week. One of them involved Donald Trump taking the 9th Circuit judges to the People's Court. The concept is slightly funny but the writing was incredibly unfunny, basically a mindless liberal regurgitation of the erroneous arguments against Trump's executive order while also making Trump look like a sexist buffoon. 

In fact, even the audience wasn't laughing during most of this.


As the Trump administration steps up deportation of illegal alien felons, while they're aiming to deport violent criminals sometimes others get caught in the net. This example has a lot of liberals angry, and it's the type of story that could really hurt Trump with some voters. That said, following through on his promises to deport people who should have been deported long ago will likely help him with more voters, so it's probably a decent trade for him to risk these stories:

That's the subject of today's Ross Report:

No matter your views on it, Immigration tends to be a very emotional issue because of its obvious impact on real human beings, and not just immigrants but the existing American population as well.

Events over the past few days show that the Trump administration is already stepping up enforcement activities against illegal aliens as the president aims to keep another campaign promise, namely to deport violent illegal alien criminals and other illegal alien felons.

Every once in a while, though, when you’re fishing with a big net, you’re going to catch something you really didn’t want to catch. And when you do, if you’re the tuna fisherman who accidentally kills a dolphin, you’re going to have a liberal media uproar on your hands and it’s not going to be the easiest thing to fight back against.

Such is the situation the administration finds themselves in with the deportation late last week of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. She had been in the US for over 20 years after being brought here as a 14-year old child. In 2008, she was arrested in a raid and convicted of a low-level felony of criminal impersonation for using someone else’s Social Security number. She was never a deportation priority because she had no other run-ins with the law and went to her scheduled meetings with federal law enforcement every six months since then. On Thursday, Rayos was sent back to Mexico, setting off protests in Arizona and DC and conversations across the country.

The media will always look for sympathetic victims of President Trump’s policies. Whether he should do everything possible to avoid creating such victims or just soldier on through them is a critical political decision during the administration’s very public growing pains.


At 7:20 AM, we'll speak to Mike Gunton, the executive producer of the upcoming BBC Earth series Planet Earth II, the sequel to the incredible Planet Earth.

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