The Ross Report for Tuesday, February 14: A brutal Valentine for Michael Flynn; Questioning Pres. Trump's sanity; three stories about the French

As I suggested yesterday, National Security Advisor Mike Flynn HAD TO resign. On Monday evening he did after a barrage of reporting that the administration (perhaps the White House counsel) was warned weeks ago that Flynn had in fact spoken to the Russians about sanctions and that Flynn could be subject to Russian blackmail. This is quite a huge story which raises more questions than it answers.


Just hours earlier, the White House was sending very mixed messages...


Today's Ross Report: Democrats and "Progressives" have moved beyond just calling President Trump stupid...

“Donald Trump has been president for less than one month. He hasn’t been remotely monstrous.” Such is the unlikely defense of the president from the liberal British TV personality and newspaper editor Piers Morgan, a man who’s hardly ever said anything I agree with. But of course he’s absolutely right.

President Trump is on the receiving end of the usual left-wing attacks: He’s Hitler, he’s stupid. He’s racist, sexist, fill-in-the-blank-ist, fill-in-the-blank phobic. Yada yada yada…

But now the left is coming at Trump with something different: That he’s crazy. Bernie Sanders calls him delusional, and a pathological liar. Al Franken, who wants to be president, claims that some Republican senators are worried about Trump’s sanity.

Columnist Andrew Sullivan has a new article entitled “The Madness of King Donald.”

But why?

I have a few suggestions and I’ll say up front that the right answer is probably a combination of them, and I offer these knowing that some will like and some else will dislike, each of them:

  • Trump really does lie a lot, and I have no way to know whether he knows he is.
  • Liberals think Trump’s behavior is crazy
  • Progressives think conservative policies are crazy, and they think it now because it’s been so long since they’ve actually seen conservative government
  • Progressives believe it’s a political winner to question the sanity of the president
  • Progressives are so gob-smacked by the election results that they are the ones whose sanity has deserted them

Whatever the right answer or answers, the behavior of those who fear and loathe Donald Trump is more likely to get worse than to get better. What remains to be seen is whether the attacks hurt Republicans or whether they’re just Democrats digging an even deeper political grave.


This story is unbelievable (and tragic for the victims) for reasons that are fairly obvious:


Two stories from France, one much more amusing than the other:

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