The Rundown - Wednesday, March 8, 2017: Former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell on WikiLeaks CIA hacking dump; A day without women; A GOP tax hike in CO Springs?

This story is a VERY big deal:

Direct from WikiLeaks, their explanation and description of the enormous trove of information about the CIA's electronic hacking capabilities:

Joining us at 6:06 AM (with likely replay later in the show) is Michael Morell, the former Acting Director and Deputy Director of the CIA. We'll talk, among other things, about the likelihood that this information is real and, if it is, the harm it represents to our national security.

Here's a video by one of the Internet's many conspiracy-minded folks but he seems more interested than most. 


Today is "A Day without Women". Yawn. As long as they're not all out wearing pink hats. Actually, the way teachers are taking the day off is more than annoying. (See more in my Ross Report below...)


My friend Laura Carno, one of the most active of Colorado Springs conservative political activists, is none too happy with CO Springs Mayor John Suthers' support of a tax hike (though it's misleadingly labeled otherwise). Here's a blog note against CO Springs Measure 2 coming up for a vote in April. We'll talk with Laura at 7:06, and here's her ad against the tax hike:


The Ross Report

I feel a little bit unappreciated these days. A few weeks back we had a day without immigrants. It was supposed to show us how important immigrants are. I have no idea if it worked. I’m not saying that immigrants aren’t of great value to this country, but there pretty much isn’t anyone I’d miss for just a day.

Today is apparently “A Day without Women.” School districts around the country are canceling classes. Because there’s nothing quite like interrupting a child’s education to show how important women are.  Unless I have to hire a babysitter because you’re on strike for a day, I’m sure I won’t miss you either. Because most women know that they’re adults and playing hookie or going on strike because you want your female parts better respected by the labor market is so 1975.

But when will it be my turn? When can it be a day without white dudes? Or a day without white middle-class dudes who don’t have all that much to complain about? I mean, would we be missed? Hell, I don’t know, I’m too busy dealing with my RESPONSIBILITIES to even think about it.

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