The Rundown - Monday, March 13, 2017: CO Springs Mayor John Suthers; SNL's continued anti-Trump assault; My wife's grandma (RIP); Where is Richard Simmons?

At 8:06, we talk with Eric Boehm of Reason magazine about the incredible over-regulation and sclerosis of the FDA (using the example of a chewing-tobacco substitute trying to come to market), as well as how one government basically killed a baby to protect hospitals against competition. (That's slight hyperbole, but they had to know they were taking that risk.)

At 9:06 AM, CO Springs Mayor John Suthers joins the show to talk about his support for Issue 2, on the Springs ballot in a few weeks, which strikes me very much as a tax hike. 

My wife's grandma, Constance ("Connie") Napier, passed away on Sunday. She was 103 years old. Actually, 103 1/2 years old since, as my wife put it, you start counting half-years again after 100. Does it matter how old someone is when they die, or do you feel the loss about the same in any case?

Now, I have no idea what to do with this story:

Here's a video from a year ago, and the story's getting even more cult-like attention now:


He did seem a little nuts one of the last times he was on TV...


As I watch this, I can't help but think that the most interesting part is how every human in the room shares one (anti-Trump) point of view. It really is a study in liberal confirmation bias.


The rest of SNL was much less funny with their direct attacks on the Trumps, including Ivanka. At least Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous...but it's not enough to save this thing.


And then there's what we can only hope will be one of Alec Baldwin's last Donald Trump impersonations for a while, unless he was just teasing us when he said he was going to stop

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