The Rundown - Tuesday, March 14, 2017: Cory Gardner; Michael J Knowles on why to vote for Democrats; Jon Caldara says Fix our Damn Roads!; Sean Spicer accosted; Rep Steve King makes more news as he often does

Great guests on Tuesday!

6:06 Senator Cory Gardner discusses Obamacare repeal

7:06 Michael J Knowles, the Nobel-prize winning (or maybe not) Cultural Correspondent for The Daily Wire, joins us to talk about his new best-selling book, "Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide", which was reviewed by his colleague, Ben Shapiro, succinctly as "Thorough". My copy is arriving at my house this week. It won't take very long to read.

At 8:06, Jon Caldara, my KHOW colleague and also the president of the Independence Institute, talks with me about his proposed ballot measure to "Fix our Damn Roads"...his reaction to the proposed "compromise bill" which is basically a huge tax increase.


This happened.

And now the radical feminist Trump-hater is peeved at Spicer's reaction even though she called him some pretty hateful stuff.

She wrote about it:

And then a rational person wrote about it:


I just think this sort of thing is such a gift to the left...

Today's Ross Report:

A Republican congressman says we can’t restore our civilization “with other people’s babies”. A leftist Trump-hater accosts the White House Press Secretary in an Apple Story and accuses him of treason while calling the president a fascist, and later has the nerve to say she was inspired by a picture of Auschwitz. And, no, she’s not Jewish.

I’ve given President Trump a little leeway for his famously imprecise language as he learns the ropes.

But that doesn’t mean it’s something we should accept more generally in society, especially from those trying to influence people’s opinions.

As a guy who talks about issues and facts for a living, I do get things wrong sometimes. And if I find out about it, or if I find out that a guest was wrong, I correct it.

Words matter. Words that support you or words that oppose you. When you get the words wrong, you not only get the facts wrong, but you harm your argument and that of everyone else who shares your views.

It’s time for people of all political stripes to start standing up for words, don’t you think?

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