Uber-geek? These speakers changed my life

When I was in my teens (mid 1980s), I think, I went to a giant stereo  show. I don't actually think it was the Consumer Electronics Show, but maybe Stereophile had a show somewhere? Maybe NYC because that's where I was in college. 

There was a huge room, like a ballroom at a big hotel or big conference room at a convention center. All the way at the front were the biggest most awesome (in the literal sense of that word) speakers I'd ever seen. They were $50,000 which was completely unheard of at the time. The presenters played some music...I don't remember what the electronics were but I think it was a Goldmund turntable (also $50K at the time)...and I sat in a chair and was totally transfixed, and that was the experience that made me into at least a little bit of an audiophile. 

I had no idea that music could sound like that. After that, I saved every penny I earned working to buy stereo gear. I even stayed home to work when my family took a vacation to the Caribbean. I remember that I bought a small Threshold amp (S-200 I think) and a (now in retrospect fairly crappy but I loved it) Cerwin-Vega sub-woofer and actually a still-fantastic (though I don't use them) Threshold FET-10 pre-amp and FET-10p phono stage. 

So, I went up to Boulder a couple of months ago to visit PS Audio and they took me into their listening room, and you'll never guess what I was suddenly standing in front of.... 

They may have been called the Infinity Reference Standard and I'm told that only something like 58 pairs were ever made. They're a prize possession of PS Audio's Paul McGowan who graciously took some time to speak with me and tell me a couple of stories about the speakers, including the time he took them to demonstrate them at a show and in order to move them through the hotel where the show was happening, they had to take the roof off of the freight elevator.

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