The Rundown - Tuesday, May 16 - Trump and classified info; CO Gov candidate Victor Mitchell; Let's talk about killing white people, professor; Sessions reboots the drug war; Macron trolls Trump;

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Donald Trump (inadvertently?) disclosed highly classified information to the Russians in a meeting last week. I address some of the issues in my Ross Report today:

The Washington Post and NY Times breathlessly reported on Monday that President Trump said things to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador which inadvertently included highly classified information.

A few points: First, on the law: the president can declassify anything he wants; it’s essentially impossible for him to be guilty of a crime of disclosure of classified information. Of course, plenty of things would be better kept to oneself even if legal to talk about, and the president may have let his ego cause him to say something better left unsaid.

Second: We need to be cautious of these sorts of stories from those two newspapers in particular. Yes, they have good sources but they have been wrong about important details in recent prior journalistic attacks on this president, especially when quoting anonymous and unnamed sources.

Third: Whoever leaked this to the Post or the Times broke the law. It’s a clear attempt to harm the president, but it could also discourage allied intelligence services from cooperating with us. In any case, the only crime possibly committed here was by those who are the Washington Post’s and New York Times’ sources.


At 7:06 AM, our guest is successful businessman Victor Mitchell, now a candidate to be the next governor of Colorado. More about Victor here:


We've spent some time recently talking about recycling, including Prof. Thomas Kinnaman telling us that it's a waste of time to recycle plastic and glass. 

At 7:45 AM, we'll talk with John Lair, the president and CEO of Momentum Recycling, a Broomfield-based company looking to change the way glass is recycled in Colorado. 

Texas A&M Associate Professor Tommy Curry teaches about, among other things, Critical Race Theory and Africana Philosophy, Anti-Colonial Economic Thought and Colonial Sexuality Studies. You know nothing good can come from that list...

A several-year-old podcast has surfaced in which Curry talks with equanimity if not outright approval of killing white people. Texas A&M will not take action against him. Do you think they should? Listen for yourself:


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is moving the federal government's policies on the charging and sentencing of federal drug crimes back to the worst ideas of the failed 'war on drugs'. I'm strongly opposed to these changes, which are in the opposite direction of the views of the large majority of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats.

Some stuff to read about this:

New French President Emmanuel Macron thinks he's trolling Donald Trump. First of all, it's a very odd move for a new president of a key ally. Second, and this is the good news, I think it could push President Trump to abandon the Paris Climate Accords, which would be a huge victory for the US and for common sense.

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