The Rundown - Wednesday, 5/31/17 - Kathy Griffin, I'm not surprised; Americans should take more vacation; Women for Wonder Woman

Kathy Griffin, a so-called comedian who's never been funny, regained 15 seconds of fame with a mindless, tasteless short video of her raising a mask looking like a bloody decapitated head of President Trump. With a flat affect on her own face, the red-headed Griffin looked like the progeny of and old-school IRA terrorist and an ISIS terrorist. Guffaws everywhere. Or not.

Later on Tuesday, Griffin apologized. I think she's sincere in the sense that she thinks it's hurt her reputation, but I don't think she's sincere about believing that her underlying sentiment is wrong. The two videos are also a testament to the magic of make-up. Oh, Kathy, I'm sorry. Did I go too far?


Griffin is a part-time employee (or maybe contractor) with CNN (which may be limited to New Years' Eve.) Some folks on Twitter are posting lists of companies to boycott either until they stop advertising on CNN or, for the more forgiving, until Griffin is fired by CNN. Normally I'm against this sort of stuff, but this kind of liberal behavior can only be stopped if the market stops it, so I say go for it. Get in touch with one or more of these companies and let them know you're not buying their stuff unless they stop advertising on CNN.


I think this is a fascinating topic: Do you take all your vacation time? If not, why not? Who do you think you're helping?

In the meantime, liberals who have been scheming for years on how to exterminate successful media conservatives are going after Sean Hannity, who probably made a mistake grabbing on to the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. Still, Hannity deserves our support and defense. We'll speak with Jeff Lord, my American Spectator colleague, about the history of this anti-conservative effort by one man in particular.

A lot of conservatives seem annoyed at this. I think it's just silly, but Alamo does have a liberal reputation so you can choose to take them or leave them...

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