The Rundown - Thursday, 6/1/17: Kathy Griffin gets what she deserves; Companies offer egg freezing benefit for female employees; I've been wondering; Trump to announce climate decision

Quick note: I'd like to start a new weekly feature. This may evolve over time but here's the idea: On Thursday, I'll mention a few things I wonder about and get you to add yours, particularly by tweeting me @630KHOW and adding hashtag #wondering.  I'll choose one thing we're wondering and then on Friday we'll bring you the answer. For example, a few weeks back I wondered aloud, "How do blind people buy groceries?" Lots of listeners had great answers, involving everything from services which do this, to getting help from supermarket staff, to the use of scanning technology which says what a product is when someone scans the box/can/bottle.

Is this the stupidest thing ever? Isn't it obvious that Pres Trump was typing the word "coverage", got distracted by something, causing him to drag his fingers on the screen and accidentally hit send? If Obama did this, the media would be yucking it up with with him. With Trump, they're asking if he had a stroke, or if his minders are failing to mind him. Spicer was pretty calm given the idiocy.


On the other hand, has there ever been a better answer to any question than this?


CNN did what they had to do after even liberals, even Chelsea Clinton, even Keith Olbermann, crushed Kathy Griffin for her idiocy:


At 7:06, our guest is Karin Ajmani, President of Health Care Services at Progyny, “a leading digital healthcare company combining data and science to provide the first end-to-end, proactive fertility solution for employers." In other words, some companies get their employees health insurance and a 401(k). But many, especially in the world of high-tech companies competing for high-value employees and especially looking for women, are adding another benefit: fertility services including the rather expensive process of egg-freezing. Progyny helps companies provide that employee benefit.

Should be a fascinating conversation...can't wait to get your reaction!


Has there ever been a more perfect example of liberalism/Progressivism/socialism than this clown?


On Wednesday evening, President Trump tweeted that at 3 PM Friday he'll make his announcement on a decision about whether to remove the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Subsidy king Elon Musk (Tesla/Solar City) threatened to leave any presidential advisory council if Trump does pull the US out of the accord. Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh said that he didn't know that he could support the president on anything else in the future if Trump doesn't follow through on his promise to get the US out of this terrible deal.

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