The Rundown - Tuesday, 6/27/17: Eric Bolling; Masterpiece Cakeshop

Great guests today:

6:37 AM: David Cortman, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, the law firm representing Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop in his battle for his First Amendment rights (both free speech and free exercise of religion.) Below, see the video that ADF put together about Jack, whose case was accepted by the Supreme Court on Monday.

7:06 AM: Eric Bolling of Fox News joins us to talk about the swamp that is, and has long been, Washington, DC. He has a new book about it:


The Congressional Budget Office released its score of the Senate health care bill and it shows 22 million fewer people with insurance by 2026. In early years, most of the decline is from people voluntarily choosing not to buy overpriced insurance. In the long run there are a lot of people who are dropped from Medicaid. Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) is already panicking (as I told you she would). I know it's what we should expect but the fears of these Republican "moderates" show they have no vision and no spine, and I say that as someone who has argued that Collins is about the best the GOP can expect to get out of a place like Maine. 


It's annoying when smart people say such stupid things:

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