The Rundown - Mon 7/31/17: Ben Shapiro!; Christian Toto; Trump's threat

Great guests today:

At 7:36 AM: Christian Toto, Denver's own non-leftist media critic (formerly of Breitbart and the Washington Times) joins me to talk about...well, lots of things, but definitely about Roger Waters and why I won't go see him in concert despite Pink Floyd being among my favorite bands ever.

At 9:06 AM, the brilliant and courageous Ben Shapiro, a champion for free speech generally on college campuses specifically. We'll talk with Ben about, among other things, his testimony before Congress last week on the way the American left silences anyone they disagree with.


Even for the time, this has to be one of the worst videos ever made. Still, I think it's an even better choice of theme song for Anthony Scaramucci than Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" (with it's mention of "Scaramouche") is:


This tweet by President Trump is a big deal. It's time for much more public pressure on Congress for the shameful way in which they classified themselves as a "small business" to get subsidies under Obamacare. Trump should follow through on this threat if no bill is passed, and I don't think one will be. If a bill gets passed at this point, it would be a liberal bill such as that currently being pushed by so-called Republican Lindsey Graham which would get through House and Senate with support of Dems but not conservative Republicans. Note Politico's description of the bill that it would "keep much of Obamacare’s tax regime."


The media won't talk about it (even though President Trump does): corporate profits, GDP growth, and especially the stock market has done incredibly well so far during his presidency. What does that actually mean about what apparent political chaos we see daily?

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