The Rundown - Tues 8/1/17: Mooch moves on after Kelly culls quickly

Guests today:

At 6:13 I'm going to replay my great conversation yesterday with the brilliant Ben Shapiro.

7:06 Bob Moffit from the Heritage Foundation joins us to explain how Congress got away with classifying itself as a small business for the purpose of getting congressional employees taxpayer subsidies for their health insurance, something that every American should be angry about.

7:36 Rob Valuck PhD is a professor at CU Denver’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. We'll talk with Rob about things that we can do to minimize the chance of someone we know, and particularly someone we live with, ending up as a drug addict.


A couple of quick thoughts on Monday's fascinating moves at the White House:

I think the biggest winner from Gen. Kelly's taking over as Chief of Staff is...Rex Tillerson, who will probably finally be allowed to hire the personnel of his choice at the State Department. 

There are some rumblings that Kellyanne Conway is being considered to be the new Communications Director. I doubt it's true and it shouldn't be. She's just too controversial and not trusted by too many people in the media. I realize Trump supporters don't care much what the media think, but this would be an unnecessarily controversial move and I don't think Kelly would go along with it for even a moment.

Finally, I suspect that we'll see President Trump mostly stop going after AG Jeff Sessions in public.

We're gonna have some fun with the White House chaos, esp since I think it may be coming to an end or at least a lull. We've played Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Bill Joel's "Big Shot" as Scaramucci theme music, but tomorrow we're going to go with some harder classic rock as the theme song for the last few days of White House upheaval. It's not the most interesting video (below), but I want you to see the lyrics of what, for my money, is one of the great songs in rock history.


Sen Jeff Flake has a new book out, "Conscience of a Conservative." (Not a very creative name, you'll agree, if you know your Arizona Republican history.) But how about this tweet from CT Democratic Senator Chris Murphy. We could probably write books and talk for hours about this single tweet:


Doesn't this make you want to send your kids to college?

OK, there's no way I could get across this without needing to change my underwear...

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