The Rundown: Fri 8/4/17: Mueller makes moves; I've Been Wondering answers

So many great guests'll have to listen to the show to hear them all. I'm going to highlight just three:

At 6:36 AM we'll talk with Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham, authors of "End of Discussion" about how the left tries to silence discussion they don't agree with. We'll also talk about current events in the US this week.

At 7:36 AM, we'll talk with Andy McCarthy, contributing editor at National Review, about Thursday's news that special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury, perhaps to look into the financial dealings of Trump associates especially as it might relate to Russia.

President Trump must be absolutely furious. Everything that Trump's supporters (and I) predicted when the special counsel was named, and when he started hiring Democratic partisans as part of his prosecutorial team, is coming true. We still don't know that the president is a subject of the investigation but it wouldn't surprise me if some of his family members, a few of his friends, and a handful of his business associates might be a little nervous -- even if they actually haven't done anything wrong.


We're going to answer some great "I've been wondering questions" on Friday, including:

  1. How far does the sound of thunder travel?
  2. Does a battery weigh less after it's been used?
  3. Why do we hear about Social Security running out of money but not welfare running out of money?
  4. We're constantly told that we're creating a lot of CO2 and other "greenhouse gases". Over time, does that increase the average air pressure on earth?
  5. What exactly happens that makes it feel like you need to pee?
  6. Is Colorado's effort to tax purchases made on the Internet constitutitional?

Transcripts of President Trump's telephone conversations with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Australia were leaked to the Washington Post. There's not really any particular foreign policy or national security harm, so it's clear that the leaks were designed to make Trump look stupid. Even Trump's opponents are saying that these leaks are dangerous and unacceptable:

Here's a great story: "More than 50 Indiana bikers escort bullied sixth-grader to middle school". Check out the video below:

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