The Rundown - Fri 8/11/17: More Trump bluster; I've Been Wondering answers

My friend Jeff Lord has been fired from CNN:

I share this view:


I'm not a neocon nor a war-monger, and the idea of another Korean War is frightening. But I'm sick of all the hand-wringing by media snowflakes who want President Trump to talk the same way the last three presidents have despite the utter failure of those presidents to stop North Korea's march to becoming a nuclear power. But note that Trump also said he would of course still be open to negotiations...just certainly on rather different terms than Clinton, Bush and Obama.


We're going to spend a fair bit of Friday's show answering your I've Been Wondering questions, from politics to physics to cat litter. I hope you enjoy it!

At 7:45, we'll talk with Paul Beale, physics professor at CU about a couple of interesting questions: 

1) If you're going the speed of light in a spaceship and turn on your headlights, what would happen?

2) If you imagine a spinning disc like a Frisbee, is there one point at the exact center that is actually not spinning?

3) Might ask him about the idea of the universe as a balloon, and if it's expanding then is there a void in the middle, like a balloon?

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