The Rundown - Tues 9/12/17: Equifax hack is a big deal; Cory Doctorow

Can I just start by saying I hope no pigs died? I really like pigs. I have a little collection of pig figures, and used to have a pig as a pet. He was a Vietnamese miniature pot-bellied pig who I named Peter Paul Reubens, but called him Reuben. He was much smaller than these guys:


For several years now we've heard about fairly large thefts of data from web sites. Now we have a similar-sounding story regarding credit bureau Equifax. The reason this story is different -- and much worse -- than the others because of the kind of data which Equifax has on so many millions of Americans.

At 6:36 we'll talk with credit expert John Ulzheimer who used to work at Equifax. Here's John's web site:


7:06 AM Guest: Cory Doctorow is the former director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, co-editor of Boing Boing, and author of the bestselling novel Walkaway, which he calls an "optimistic disaster novel."

We'll talk with Cory about issues which could have enormous impacts on our technological future, such as what does a "free Internet" really mean, and just what is Digital Rights Management (DRM) and why should we all care about a new rule about DRM? Also, can we expect big companies to act in the public interest...and should we bother asking them to?

Here's a REALLY fascinating article by Cory on how software enables more sophisticated cheating:

At 8:15 AM, we'll talk with my KHOW colleague Michael Brown, relying on his experience with FEMA, about what he expects the federal government is doing right now and whether he thinks that Americans have become too reliant on the federal government for disaster relief...or is there no real alternative in the 21st century?

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