The Rundown - Weds 9/20/17: Trump Doctrine; Obamacare at risk?

In case you missed it, President Trump's speech to the UN General Assembly, one which I called excellent and much-needed and which an NBC anchor likened to a war crime and another pundit called "dark."

I believe this one sentence represents the closest thing yet to a "Trump Doctrine": "But we do expect all nations to uphold these two core sovereign duties: to respect the interests of their own people and the rights of every other sovereign nation."


This is an incredibly difficult call for me, whether to be for or against the Graham-Cassidy "reform" bill. I agree with Rand Paul that the Graham-Cassidy bill is NOT a bill limiting government. In fact, it's disgusting that a Republican bill keeps most Obamacare taxes in place. That said, it's reasonable to argue that almost any Obamacare reform is better than none, and maybe the House can make the bill a little better. What's incredible about this story, though, is how nobody saw it coming until now the Dems are really worried that this bill might pass.


While the MSM (and to a lesser degree conservative/libertarian media folks like me) discuss divisions within the GOP, liberals are eating their own. Or, more precisely, the heinous mutant children of the liberal movement, known variously as AntiFa and as professors of African studies, gender studies, and sociology, are showing the world what the wages of "progressivism" really are. 

I mean, when Nancy Pelosi is getting a primary challenge from the left...

And look how Nancy tries to pretend she's happy with this:


Now it's not entirely fair to call them liberals, but again these people are the natural outcome of the rapid leftward move of today's Democratic Party. Again, these people aren't Democrats and aren't liberals, but that's their heritage:

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