The Rundown - Mon 10/9/17 - Weinstein's crash; GOP & taxes & contraception

From Friday afternoon, through the weekend, Harvey Weinstein's world went from staggering to crumbling down. A third of the Weinstein Company's board resigned; his former "adviser" Lisa Bloom, the feminist attorney who made it her mission in life to destroy Bill O'Reilly for what seems a very similar pattern of behavior, ended her association with Weinstein, and another women came up with a graphic description of Weinstein stopping her in a hallway and, well, I don't even want to type the words but if you want to read it yourself it's here:


I'm all for tax cuts, but I also care about the debt being piled on our kids. How are Republicans supposed to make a credible case for being fiscally responsible if the president of the United States is uninterested in spending cuts and, more importantly, in entitlement reform?

Note particularly this line: “Meanwhile, Trump rejected a proposal from White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to curb future Medicare and Social Security spending, saying he had promised voters in 2016 that he would not touch those programs.”

In the meantime, I will never forgive congressional Republicans and particularly leadership if they go along with this:

Maybe they're paying attentions to polls like this one (see page 6):

But leaders don't follow polls; they change them.


"Liberal" and populist economic policies almost always sound well-intended. Separate from the question of whether I believe their claimed intentions, it takes better economic thinking that we ever get from liberals and than we often get from non-liberals to prevent negative unintended consequences from government interference in the economy. Here are two examples, one overseas and one here, the latter being just another story in the beginning of what will be a tidal wave of such stories:

In India, a law banning child labor has actually caused it to increase while making poor people even poorer:

And how about here in the US? Do you remember when "fast food" was an easy and common place for young people to get their first work experience? Because of the massive increase in minimum wages in some places, those first jobs are going to be much harder to get. Which means second jobs will be much harder to get. Liberals will need to apologize for all this, but they won't until it's too late, if ever. (Yes, I know they never will.)

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