The Rundown - Thurs 10/12/17: CIA's Michael Morell; Comedian Tom Papa

7:06 AM guest: Steve Mariotti is spreading the gospel of entrepreneurship around the US and the world, with a particular focus on helping at-risk youth learn skills to improve their lives and futures.

8:06 AM guest: I am tremendously excited about our extended conversation with former CIA Deputy Director and (twice) Acting Director Michael Morell. Topics include: North Korea, Iran, government collection of data, Russian efforts to influence/corrupt our elections, and his resignation from teaching at Harvard. 

Michael's new web site: and check out his podcast there as well!

Tom Papa is one of the very best comics around today, reminding me somewhat of Jerry Seinfeld in his ability to make anything funny with a minimum of bad language:

On Wednesday evening, President Trump addressed a crowd in Harrisburg, PA about tax reform. Many of those assembled were truck drivers. I'm encouraged by the president trying to explain the benefits of tax reform, including tax cuts for upper-income folks and for corporations, to the "working class". 

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