The Rundown - Mon 10/16/17: The demographic future of Colorado

So great to take my kids to see Imagine Dragons at the Pepsi Center on Saturday. Here's someone's video (not mine) of the last song they of their biggest hits and the song my son most wanted to see the band perform.

At 7:06 AM we'll be joined in studio by Erica Shields and Matt Van Gieson, two reform-oriented candidates for the Jefferson County School Board. Jefferson County has seen a lot of turmoil in these elections; a few years ago they elected a reform-oriented board which did a terrible job with public relations and got tossed by voters in a recall election, giving control of JeffCo schools back to the unions who installed a wildly overpaid superintendent to protect their interests over the interests of parents and students.

Matt's web page:

Erica's web page:


These two stories explain why Colorado is straining at its infrastructure seams...and why it's like to get worse before it gets better:

In the meantime, the mayor of Denver wants voters to support over $900MM in new bond issuances (with over $1.6 billion in total lifetime repayment costs.)

Here's the list:


Democrats LOVE to talk about dissension within the Republican Party, and there certainly is some. But there's just as much within the Democratic Party, as shown by the weekend's news that 84-year-old California Senator Diane Feinstein will face a primary challenge from Keven de Leon who currently leads their state senate.

The question about Steve Bannon is whether he has anything close to the influence that he thinks he has.

Chuck Todd is skeptical about Bannon's staying power:

Finally, it's with some hesitancy that I even share this with you because I don't think it's actually funny. But it says a lot about the ongoing mindset of late-night television which we spoke with Dave Berg about on Friday. Maybe I'd find it funnier if I'd already seen "It"...but I doubt it.

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