The Rundown -Tues 10/31/17: Manafort indicted; Spacey; Gillespie; Halloween

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Over the weekend, we learned that somebody was going to be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday. When my wife asked me who I thought it would be, I said, without hesitation, "Manafort." The same way that everyone in Hollywood knew that Harvey Weinstein was a scumbag, there was a similar view in DC about Manafort -- to be fair, Weinstein is a far more execrable character with far more victims and more egregious crimes, but I trust you understand my point.

We also learned that a Trump "foreign policy adviser" who nobody who matters ever heard about -- and whom I never heard about either -- pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with a "professor" who claimed to have information from the Russian government about Hillary Clinton, specifically (if I understand the reporting correctly) about her e-mails.

The left is saying this is all a smoking gun regarding Trump "collusion" with Russia. President Trump's supporters are arguing that this is actually good news for the president. I believe the latter is closer to true, but that doesn't mean Trumpworld shouldn't be a little nervous, not knowing just what will be the next shoe to drop.

The actual legal documents against Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos are here:

Meanwhile, out in Virginia, a group called the Latino Victory Fund has put out an ad targeting Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie. The ad basically shows a hypothetical Gillespie chasing down Latino kids in his pickup truck. It's a disgusting ad which I believe could hand Gillespie the election as moderate voters refuse to support a Democratic candidate backed by the miscreants who would see this ad as a good idea.


When Kevin Spacey was accused of an attempted sexual act on a 14-yr-old boy -- by the grown man, Anthony Rapp, a professional actor, who was that boy actor -- many "mainstream" media outlets reacted only by talking about Spacey's "courageous" tweet announcing that he's gay -- as if there was anybody who (1) cares and (2) doesn't already know. Netflix announced that Spacey's hit series, House of Cards, will end after this season though some are suggesting that the end of the series was already determined. That said, Spacey is not on the set as the current final season is being filmed.

ABC's original headline was: "'I choose now to live as a gay man': Kevin Spacey comes out in emotional tweet"

They've now changed it to: "Kevin Spacey apologizes, comes out as gay after allegation of sexual advance on 14-year-old"

Here's the accusation:

And here's Spacey's clever response:


And as long as it's Halloween, how about some scary movie scenes?

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