The Rundown - Mon 11/6/17: Mass murder in TX; GOP tax plan warts; SNL sucks

Another week, another mass murder. I know: that's a slight exaggeration but not slight enough to avoid the brutal reality of at least 26 dead in a small Texas town after a man who was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force went on a shooting rampage in a church.

Some info about the shooter here:

Here's a Hollywood reaction that, sadly, shouldn't surprise anyone:


It's not that I'm looking to be offended. It's just that if you're going down this very ill-advised road, you'd better have tremendous punch lines at the end. And Larry David sure didn't. 


The Republican tax play has some issues that must be fixed, and some stupid ideas are already bouncing around.

The House sneakily included what's effectively a tax hike on those making between $1.2 million and $2 million dollars a year (married filing jointly.) Some are talking about phasing in the reduction in the corporate income tax (from 35% to 20%) over five years. Mike Pence was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and, in his own style that involves almost never actually answering a question, implied that the hidden tax hike on high-income earners should and will go away in conference.

He also said a bunch of stuff that really makes me ill, basically a constant rhetorical sucking up to "middle class Americans" and "working Americans", while saying that upper-income earners may not see any tax cut. This even though the top 5% of earners pay TWICE as much federal income tax as the bottom 90% of earners. Maria did a fantastic job with these serious questions:

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