The Rundown - Weds 11/15/17: Hannity gives Moore 24 hrs

On Tuesday evening, Fox News host and one of the most powerful voices in conservative media said that if Roy Moore did not clear up apparent discrepancies in his story (in Hannity's view), then Hannity would call for Moore to get out of the race. I don't know how much pull Hannity has with Alabama's conservative voters, but probably more than most people do. 


Meanwhile, Roy Moore went to a church to talk about God and politics. I really can't stand this guy...but I don't vote in Alabama. I still think he has a chance to win.  It's a chance that's diminishing every day but if his supporters true believe he's the victim of a political dirty trick, a "hit job", they'll stick with him. The big problem for Moore is that the national GOP has pulled their funding and personnel with the election still a month away. I'd think Moore's chances would be quite high if the election were a week away, but a month without those resources is a tough hill to climb. Not impossible, but tough. 

One indicator that he can still win this thing is a poll released yesterday showing Moore holding on to a 6-point lead, though the poll was taken before the news of the most recent accuser was fully in the public discussion:


Now we do need to be very careful going forward to not assume that every accused man is guilty. Fox News analyst Mercedes Colwin was just forced to step down from a powerful management position at her law firm after saying this:


She apologized this morning on Fox & Friends, in what seemed like a hostage video. I believe this shows that we're already going rapidly too far down the same road of immediate outrage and intolerance that every discussion in America goes down. To the extent that Colwin misspoke when she was on with Hannity, it was fairly minor. Most of what she said was reasonably in context at the time. The big problem for her -- and I realize that part of the reason she was on as a guest is that one of her areas of legal specialization is sexual harassment law -- is that she publicly opened herself to criticism about pre-existing bias regarding women who make claims of sexual assault or harassment, criticism which could open her to unwanted issues within court cases that she's involved with or cause such cases to go to law firms other than hers.

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