The Rundown - Thurs 11/16/17: Trump's water; More Moore accusers

Trump's facial expression is if he knows the social media blowup he'd about to cause and wants to look as serious as possible.


Because this:


But Marco Rubio has a sense of humor about it:


More women have come out with stories of creepy, though not illegal, behavior by Roy Moore nearly 40 years ago. One tells a story of her being a high school senior, refusing Moore's request for a date, Moore calling her high school and her being called to the principal's office (leaving trigonometry class) to take his call, and eventually relenting and going out with him once.

Another woman discusses how Moore routinely scoured the Gadsden Mall for high school girls he'd try to go out with and how the girls there knew to get out of sight when he was around.

And in yet another report, a women reports that, when she was 28, as she was leaving Roy Moore's law office, he grabbed her rear end.

I repeat: This stuff is gross but not illegal. Also, I don't know whether the man has changed, though we are yet to see accusations of this sort against Moore regarding this kind of behavior after he was married. His real problems are (1) the accusation that he tried to get a 14-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity with him and (2) the accusation that he used physical force against a 16-year old girl for the same purposes (the accuser from earlier this week.)

Meanwhile, Roy Moore's attorneys had a mixed day:

One of them argued that at least part of what's written in the high school yearbook which appears to have his signature is forged, and demanded that they be allowed to examine the yearbook:


Another attorney made an utter fool of himself, arguing basically that it's OK to date 14-year-old girls in Alabama in the same way that there are arranged marriages of children in India. It was one of the most embarrassing things I've heard throughout this sordid affair.

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