The Rundown - Fri 12/15/17: Trump cuts red tape; FCC ends Net Neut

Today's guests:

6:10 AM: Peter VanDoren of the Cato Institute and Regulation magazine on why the repeal of the misleadingly-named Net Neutrality is good news. 

6:36 AM: Given Thursday's big "Net Neutrality" news, I'm going to share my prior conversation with FCC chairman Ajit Pai.

7:06 AM: Phil Larson is now an assistant dean at CU but used to work at SpaceX and at the White House as a senior advisor for space and innovation. We'll talk about a giant oblong object which scientists are watching out there in the galaxy, about the Trump administration's desire to send Americans to the moon again, and we'll ask Phil to answer Senator Ron Johnson's question about how rockets can be made to successful re-enter the atmosphere and land back on the launch pad.

7:36 AM: Senator Cory Gardner joins us to talk about tax reform, Net Neutrality, the Alabama election and more

8:06 AM Lenore Skenazy, of Free Range Kids fame, is taking on a new project called "Let Grow" which aims to reduce the massive overprotection of kids these days. 

One of the most important things President Trump is emphasizing is deregulation. As Senator Ron Johnson put it on the show yesterday, regulation is a "silent killer" of entrepreneurship and economic growth, and the jobs and raises that come with them. The left thinks this is all about protecting "bad" companies and hurting ordinary folks but that's a wild misunderstanding. The primary function of regulation these days is to create jobs for bureaucrats and give government more control over our daily lives. Slashing regulation takes substantial political courage and it's one area in which I'm very grateful for President Trump's approach.


In that same vein, the FCC eliminated so-called Net Neutrality rules, also returning the Internet to Title I regulation rather than Title II, with impacts that we'll explain during the show but which you can also read about here:

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