The Rundown - Tues 12/19/17 - Trump's Nat'l Security Strategy; Aid in dying

On Monday, president Trump gave a long speech laying out his administration's new National Security Strategy document:

We'll be joined at 6:37 AM by David Adesnik of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies to discuss the strategy: Do the spoken words match the written plan? How much of the plan is different from prior administrations? What's important and what's not? (I love the elimination of mention of climate change in the document.)

In 2016, Coloradans passed a measure which I strongly supported which allows terminally ill adults to request prescriptions from doctors which the patients can use to end their own lives. Now that the system has been in place for almost a year, it's time to see how it's working.

At 7:06 we'll talk with Kat West of Compassion and Choices about it:


7:45 AM: Doug Slabaugh joins me in studio to talk about this: It only takes one annoying neighbor and one officious bureaucrat to spoil the fun for a lot of people. Here's an example from right here in Douglas County:


8:06 AM The president of the Denver City Council, Albus Brooks, joins us to talk about issues facing Colorado's capital city, and we'll take a couple of listener questions as well.


At 8:36, we'll talk with Matt Miller, attorney at the Goldwater Institute, who is representing the Colorado Union of Taxpayers against a new Denver ordinance requiring non-profits to disclose their donors if they spend more than a few dollars on political advertising or political activity:

I think Joe Manchin is right - Al Franken got a raw deal (and I don't like the guy at all):

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