The Rundown-Weds 1/24/18: Immigration (all sides); DOJ/FBI "informant"

A very immigration-oriented show on Wednesday.

At 6:06 AM, we'll talk with a spokesperson for NumbersUSA, one of the most prominent anti-immigration organizations in the nation. Their founder recently wrote an interesting op-ed in which he said his group could support amnesty for "Dreamers" as part of a deal that included their policy priorities which they claim benefit American workers. It will be an interesting conversation, in part because I disagree with so much of what this organization believes.

On the other side of immigration opinion, at 7:06 AM we'll talk with immigration attorney Sufen Hilf to explore some of the key aspects of the American immigration system and immigration law, especially those aspects which people frequently misunderstand. We will take listener questions.

And at 8:38 AM we'll talk with Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute, one of the leading libertarian voices on immigration, and someone who will probably disagree with NumbersUSA on approximately everything. 

There's some very interesting immigration-related polling data starting on page 64 of this recent poll:

Just wow...

At some point you get the feeling all this smoke is going to point us toward a real fire. I don't know whether I hope it does or doesn't.

A couple other interesting stories:

Could Cape Town, South Africa become the first major city (at least in modern times) to run out of water?

Clever liberal ideas to let their citizens continue to pass the cost of their high state taxes on to the rest of us:

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