The Rundown - Tues 2/13/18: Homeless project in Lakewood; Trump budget

At 7:06 AM we'll talk with Lakewood City Council member Ramey Johnson about the extremely controversial proposal to create a massive housing compound for Lakewood and JeffCo homeless people on 59 acres of federal land just south of 6th Avenue in the heart of the town. Not surprisingly, many local residents are curious...and furious...about the plan. 

On Friday, we'll talk with the CEO of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to get their side of the story.

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"If you don't want it, that's OK with me too" said President Trump to governors and others when introducing his infrastructure plan on Monday.

The basic idea is that the federal government will contribute a modest fraction of the cost of various infrastructure projects, but only on the condition that the permitting process allows the projects to be given the green light within 2 years. Trump looked around the assembled governors and suggested that those states which can't be that streamlined -- usually liberal states with over-the-top environmental regulations -- will lose the federal contribution to those projects that don't make the deadline.

Liberals are complaining that the nation's infrastructure needs more money. But while President Trump doesn't say it out loud, this plan properly raises a fundamental question: Why is infrastructure, or at least so much infrastructure, the responsibility of the federal government?

I don't think Trump's plan will come to fruition but if it did, it's a dagger pointed at the giant blue welfare states as it would force taxpayers in those states to think about how their tax money is really being used.


The video is just from a spectator's phone, but this is awesome. American Chloe Kim takes gold in the women's half-pipe. She's 17 years old, just like Red Gerard who won gold for the US in the men's snowboarding "slopestyle" competition the day before. 

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