The Rundown - Mon 3/12: Why should you need permission to work?

7:06 AM guest: Dr. Adrian Moore is vice-president for policy at the Reason Foundation, one of my favorite organizations and one of the most influential sources of libertarian thought anywhere. One issue which Reason is continually trying to bring to the attention of legislators -- and we'll talk about why that's so difficult to do -- is the harm caused by occupational licensing. Namely, having to get permission from government to do a job. About 1/4 of all American workers now have licenses, but why? Here's a hint: The people already in those professions like it a lot more than those thinking about getting into them.

There's actually a bill in the Colorado state legislature...I have no idea whether it's likely to pass...which would try to cut back on this travesty here in our state:


On Sunday evening, the White House released a list of its goals regarding gun control and school safety. The difference between this Fox News URL text and the actual story sort of tells the real story:

If you're a fan of "Let Trump be Trump", you were a happy camper on Saturday night when Trump talked about everything from the economy to executing drug dealers...though he spent very little time talking about the Republican congressional candidate he was theoretically there to campaign for:


I'd like to respond to the "death to drug dealers" thing: I've said on air that I would consider the death penalty for dealing drugs to children, although frankly my bigger picture view these days is that government is so corrupt and so incompetent, and the death penalty process is so insanely expensive, that I have -- with some hesitation -- turned against the death penalty. But more importantly, regarding Trump's words, I would note that he is (1) stuck in some past era, as always, (2) taking a position that lines up too closely some with of the world's worst dictators, and (3) against the direction of opinion change among most of the American people, though apparently not among his base (whom I presume are being led by him on this rather than having thought about it a lot on their own.)

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