The Rundown-Weds 4/4/18: Trump wants military to border; Energy weapons

We'll have plenty of time for Trump and politics and trade wars. Let's start the morning with some fun. 

At 6:12 AM we'll talk with Josh Hartman, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, who will answer a listener's question (and my follow-up questions) about "just what are energy weapons?"

At 8:06 we'll talk with Congressman Ken Buck about his being featured in a new documentary called "The Swamp." I'm telling you, this trailer is REALLY worth watching (if you want to get very angry with your government.)

On Tuesday, President Trump said that he'll send the military to guard the US/Mexico border. He probably means the National Guard, and that's something that has been done before, including under both Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama. 

That said, while Mr. Trump (and people like Ann Coulter) have convinced many Americans that immigration is an enormous issue, the data suggests it's less of a problem than at any time in many years. I'm not arguing that we shouldn't have a more secure border, just that we should pay attention to the cost to taxpayers of whatever comes next given the actual scale of the current problem. I'd add that we should not measure the problem only by the number of illegal aliens apprehended; there are other reasons to have a secure border. But we should also be aware that that number is probably MUCH lower than most Americans believe.

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