US-France lovefest; Adm Jackson thrown to the wolves;

After "l'affaire dandruff", the presidents of the USA and France are getting along as if they've known each other for decades. The next question is: What does it mean for each nation's foreign policy? Of course, the low-lives at the Washington Post can only find insults:


The main worldwide program to protect and enlarge the population of African lions just got a major award. That's particularly cool for us here in Colorado because the person who runs that program -- not just for Denver but for zoos around the country -- is Hollie Colahan, the vice-president of animal care at the Denver Zoo. Hollie joins me at 8:48 to talk about her, and the world's, successes in protecting the magnificent lion.


Yes, we're raising a generation of snowflakes. No, it's not their fault. It's ours.

The long knives are out for RADM Ronny Jackson, the president's official doctor, who President Trump perhaps unwisely nominated to be the next head of the Veterans Administration. 

My guess is that Jackson will withdraw, perhaps by the end of this week, after rumors are circulating (apparently from multiple sources) of Jackson perhaps inappropriately handing out prescription medicines, drinking too much while traveling with the president, and creating a hostile work environment for the White House medical team. 

I have not seen "proof" of any of these, but if there are multiple "whistleblowers" and President Trump is already giving Jackson a graceful way out, I think he'll take it. The real question is why Trump's team didn't do this digging before the president put himself -- and a man he obviously respects -- in a position to be embarrassed. My guess as to the answer: Trump just did it without getting input from others. It doesn't help Trump's situation if this story is true:


Even these kind words from Barack Obama will not save Jackson:

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