Walker Stapleton does NOT want to end PERA - The Rundown: Fri 5/11/18

OK, I just have to start with this. The funniest thing Mitch McConnell has ever done:


Guests Friday:

At 6:06 we'll talk with Dr. Elaina George about two interesting issues regarding health care: 1) is there a shortage of doctors, and is there going to be (a worse) one in the future? And 2) what are we to make of stories of increasing numbers of Americans without health insurance.

At 8:06 I'll be joined by gubernatorial candidate and current Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, probably the front-runner to get the Republican nomination in the remaining four-candidate field. I'm going to ask Walker to respond to a question that a listener asked on behalf of a "teacher friend": Does Walker want to end PERA benefits for teachers? You and I may think the answer is obvious (and it is) but union leader and even PERA leadership has made that sort of insane claim about Walker for years and he's going to need to combat it to win the votes of moderates in the general election.

We're also going to have some Friday fun answering some I've Been Wondering questions including one inspired by my week: Do geese really mate for life and if so what happens when one dies unexpectedly? We'll talk with John Azua, the curator of birds for the Denver Zoo at 7:47 AM!

8:47 AM: Also, I saw an interesting article about physics which says that scientists were sort of disappointed when a very complicated test of the behavior of electrons when interacting with protons gave results that confirmed the existing "standard model" of particle physics. CU Physics Professor Oliver DeWolfe joins us to talk about it. Here's the article: https://www.livescience.com/62522-weak-force-measured-precisely.html

There was a military flare-up between Israel and Iranian forces operating from Syria. Iran fired about 20 missiles into Israel. Israel responded with massive strikes which they claim destroyed or damaged almost all Iranian emplacements in Syria. 

I note an interesting point in this New York Times article about the situation: 

Moscow did not condemn Israel’s strikes, as it had in the past, instead calling on Israel and Iran to resolve their differences diplomatically.

And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who spent 10 hours with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Wednesday, told his cabinet on Thursday that he had persuaded the Russians to delay the sale of advanced weapons to Syria.

Russia and Iran have been allies in the Syrian war, defending President Bashar al-Assad. But as the war appears to be winding down, some analysts say the aims of Russia and Iran are diverging: Moscow prefers a strong secular central government in Syria, while Tehran prefers a weaker government that would allow Iran-backed militias free rein.


The ads that Russians bought on Facebook during the 2016 election are EXTREMELY interesting and probably quite different from what you might think given all the talk in the media over the past year


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