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Former Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, a public servant of his city for nearly a quarter century, passed away Sunday just two months after telling the public that he'd been diagnosed with cancer. It would not surprise me if the same disease took him as took my father-in-law: pancreatic cancer. It is a brutal cancer that often does not show any symptoms until it is in its final, irreversible stages. Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve Hogan's family and friends, and with the city of Aurora. 


Two guests today:

7:06 AM Republican candidate for governor Greg Lopez joins me in studio.

8:06 AM Practicing surgeon and senior fellow of the Cato Institute, Jeff Singer, joins me to react to President Trump's speech (on Friday) about efforts to lower prescription drug prices.  Here's a piece Jeff wrote on the subject before the speech:


The American embassy in Israel will at long last be in Jerusalem. What a fantastic day...and a fantastic decision by president Trump. I'd like to make one thing clear as the leftist know-nothings at CNN decide to post a headline like "US set to break with tradition and open embassy in Jerusalem": Since 1995, it has been US law to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital....BECAUSE IT IS. 


I didn't get time to talk about it last week, but there was a HUGE story about ZTE, the second-largest Chinese cell phone company, ceasing operations because of US penalties following the company's violating US sanctions against Iran and North Korea. (More here.)On Sunday, President Trump issued a very interesting tweet:


Over the last few days, the story that CNN and other Trump-haters wanted to talk about was the rather horrendous comment by a White House staffer that John McCain's views about CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel may not be too important because "he's dying anyway." The staffer called Meghan McCain to apologize. But approximately everybody on approximately every MSM channel called for the staffer's head even though the comment was made in a non-public staff meeting and clearly leaked to the media for the purpose of embarrassing the staffer and/or the administration. 

I don't know whether this is irony or just a sign of a completely dysfunctional communications team at the White House, but when Sarah Sanders was talking to her team about the uproar, she said "I am sure this conversation is going to leak, too. And that’s just disgusting." And of course, it did, because that's how we now have that quote.

Some snowflakes don't understand why Sanders is more angry about the leaks than about the comment, but I do, and she's right. 

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