Memorial Day thoughts; French spiderman;Starbucks training-The Rundown 5/29

On Sunday evening, I spent some time watching a PBS documentary about WWII veterans returning to Omaha Beach and recalling their experiences as some of the lucky survivors of that terrible (but necessary) day in Normandy. It got me to thinking: We've seen remarkably little of the actual fighting by American soldiers and Marines (thinking particularly of fighting on the ground) in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not sure why that is, compared to the footage of Vietnam, the Korean War, and World War II. 

So many kids spend time playing video games that involve shooting, sometimes in a wartime setting and sometimes not. I keep my son away from the most violent and realistic games. Still, I thought it was very useful to have him see footage of actual war and hear the men who fought in war talk about it, as a way to try to get a sense into him that war is hell and shooting people is not something to be taken lightly...and that perhaps video games encourage that sort of thinking. 

On Memorial Day, President Trump annoyed a lot of liberals, and some people who aren't always looking to criticize him, with a tweet that seemed to make the day about him and about politics rather than about honoring our fallen veterans. On one hand, I do think it was a tone-deaf tweet. On the other hand, Trump is a very odd mix of a good political tactician and a guy who's remarkably out of touch with almost everyone who isn't in his political base...

His speech, however, was lauded even by CNN's John King as "pitch perfect" (while also noting that the speech wouldn't have been written by Trump.) I won't link the whole speech as it's quite long. But here's a Memorial Day Twitter message from the president.

Here's a fairly good summary of today's Starbucks employee training which will result in 8000 Starbucks stores being closed this afternoon.

Mamoudou Gassama scaled the outside of a four-story apartment building in Paris to save a four-year-old boy who was dangling from a ledge. While I have to say I don't really understand what the other grown man was doing up there...maybe he was blocked from getting any closer to the boy...what Gassama did was beyond heroic.

Gassama, who is from Mali, was an illegal immigrant in France. But after this incredible feat of bravery, French President Macron has ordered an expedited grant of French citizenship and the Paris fire department is reportedly interested in hiring Gassama. Incroyable!!!

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