Two SCOTUS Earthquakes: Kennedy retires; Union fees crushed - Rundown 6/28

We have some fantastic guests today:

At 6:34 (with later replay), Judge Andrew Napolitano joins us to talk about the retirement of Anthony Kennedy

At 6:47, Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute joins us on the same topic

At 7:06 we'll talk with Congressman Jared Polis, now the Democratic nominee for Governor of Colorado

At 8:06 we'll speak with Albus Brooks, president of the Denver City Council, on a range of issues including asking him how is recent cancer treatments went.

Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement yesterday. Here's President Reagan nominating him:


Chuck Schumer and Senate Dems are arguing that because it's an "election year", the GOP should not proceed to confirmation. Even the Washington Post fact-checker, no friend of the GOP, said that Schumer is lying about the real prior issue which was a presidential election year. Here's Chuckie:


Yesterday, Kennedy was on the correct and winning side in the 5-4 decision in Janus v AFSCME in which the court ruled that public-sector unions cannot force non-union-members to pay "fair share" or "agency" fees for the collective bargaining services the unions provide to all of the workers, union members or not, in that government work unit. 

It's a dagger aimed at the heart of public sector unions' ability to fund Democratic political campaigns. Although the vote was close, I think the right answer is not a close call. It's outrageous to tell a citizen of a free country that he has to subsidize speech (whether the unions' political activity or even their collective bargaining activity) that he does not agree with. 

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