Trump meets Putin; everyone's expectations are low. But meddling! - 7/16/18

Canadian television has a pretty good summary of the "low expectations" going into the Trump/Putin "summit" in Helsinki on Monday. (see first video below) My guess: Trump's "low expectations" are probably too high, as is his belief that the force of his personality can lessen Putin's antagonism toward almost all key US interests.

At 6:10 AM we'll talk former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin about the (small) potential upside and the (larger) potential risk of Trump's meeting with Putin. For the record, I'm not against the meeting being held. I just hope that Trump presses Putin hard on the hacking issue. Trump's ongoing refusal to treat Vladimir Putin as more of a competitor/foe than most other countries is bewildering. Indeed, in a CBS News interview (third video below), Trump called the EU a foe in the same breath as calling Russia and China foes; obviously the former is NOT in the same category of the latter two.

At 7:06 AM we'll talk with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr about a few interesting issues facing the Commission:


Meanwhile, on Friday, just before President Trump sat down with Queen Elizabeth for a spot of tea, Rod Rosenstein dropped a hammer on the Trump/Putin meeting -- though he said he had briefed Trump in prior days about the indictments of a dozen named Russian GRU (military intelligence) officers.


Trump calls the EU a foe. He tried to clarify a bit, but it's just the latest ridiculous statement by this president. Even if you accept his definition of foe, which is not what it means, to equate the EU with Russia and China is wrong, and a very bad idea.


OK, a little tongue-in-cheek humor on a fairly serious day: The description of breeding behavior about bull frogs reminds me a little bit of my married love-life:

 Conversely, females have brief periods of sexual receptivity during the season. In one study, female sexual activity typically lasted for a single night and mating did not occur unless the females initiated the physical contact.[18][23] Males only clasp females after they have indicated their willingness to mate.[18] This finding refutes previous claims that a male frog will clasp any proximate female with no regard to whether the female has consented.

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