Just because it's ignorant doesn't mean it's not powerful

At 7:34 AM we'll talk with (my) Congressman Mike Coffman. Most of the talk will be about two issues: 

I agree with Mike on most things, but I have serious reservations about what appears to be his push to get at least some Republicans on board with bringing back Net Neutrality:


And at long last, the Aurora VA hospital, massively late and over budget and with fewer primary care exam rooms than the old hospital is going to open. The situation would be even worse if it weren't for Coffman's efforts.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new Democratic Party rock-star, a millennial with a head full of mush who believes that capitalism is on its way out, that Israel is the bad guy in the Israel-Palestinian situation, and that unemployment numbers are low because some people have two jobs.  

It's easy to laugh at her naivete but those of us who fear that her dream world is our living nightmare should not dismiss the appeal of "those rich old (white) men are keeping you down." 

Conservatives may say she embarrassed herself, but only conservatives are reading those opinions:

I'd add that Republicans are TERRIBLE at countering these messages. For example, the many who try to push back against her by saying "But look at Venezuela!" Don't forget the particular characteristic of socialists that Hayek called "The Fatal Conceit": they NEVER learn from their mistakes, or at least never learn that the underlying concept IS the mistake.

She's appealing in her mindlessness, much in the way that Donald Trump is, just to a VERY different audience. An audience that has much longer to live and impact American politics than most of the Trump base does. Be afraid.


But the guy in charge of the Democratic Party said that the muddle-headed Alexandria is the "future of our Party"


Does anyone actually believe this? It barely clarifies the one sentence, but does nothing for all the other stuff he said that was wrong. And later on, he suggested that while he "fully accepts" the judgment of his own intelligence agencies that Russia tried to meddle in our elections, "others" likely did as well. That's a crazy thing for a president to say if he doesn't have proof, and if he does he should tell us what he's talking about.

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