Are you sock-shoe? Guests, famous and not, weigh in on this key question

I once walked into the KHOW control room and saw producer Shannon with a sock and shoe on one foot, the other foot still bare. The first thing out of my mouth was "Did you hurt your foot", thinking that he had some reason to be taking care of the bare foot, such as a cut or a bad bruise. 

But au contraire, my friends, it's simply that Shannon puts on a sock and a shoe, and then the other sock and shoe. I, on the other hand, put on both socks and then both shoes. 

Shannon informed me that this has actually been the subject of debate among two of the great American philosophers, Archie and Meathead. To be sure, Archie is a much deeper thinker than Meathead, as demonstrated in the video below.

The question of "sock sock shoe shoe or sock shoe sock shoe" has become a regular part of my interviews of guests from friends to authors to senators. On this page we'll keep track of their answers, just below the video.


Sock, sock, shoe, shoe   (Archie)


Senator Ron Johnson ("Something's wrong with Shannon")

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (7/30/18)

Alex Nowrasteh (Cato Institute) 8/9/18

Elizabeth Heng (Congressional candidate) 8/10/18

Ajit Pai (FCC Chairman) 8/21/18 "It would feel very weird to me to have one foot completely bare, and one foot ready to go." "To get the socks on as soon as possible is a good thing for civilization."

Geraldo Rivera (8/31) "I have a 'dead foot' and sometimes put on a shoe not realizing I didn't put the sock on."

Dana Perino (9/7) "Sock, shoe but the humidity is so high in New York right now that I don't even think about wearing socks."

Sheriff David Clarke (9/12): sock, cowboy boot, sock, cowboy boot

George Will (9/26/18): Sock, sock, shoe, shoe, bow tie. And I'm rooting for the Rockies.

Annie Duke (10/17/18): (Ran out of time for further commentary!)

Johan Norberg (10/26/18): Sock, sock -- because floors are cold in Sweden.

Sock, shoe, sock, shoe   (Meathead)


Sean Hannity "Because I often get dressed just outside the shower and I don't want my socks to get wet"

None of the above

Ann Coulter (8/20/18)  "Unless I'm skiing I never wear socks."

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