Ross & listeners review IHOP burgers


I'll go with 3 1/4 stars.

Good but not good enough to come back for, especially for a $10 bacon cheeseburger and a $3 soda. Meat was flavorful but slightly dry and my burger wasn't hot enough. Fries portion was too small and fries were very generic and not crispy. Add tip and tax and you're around $17 or $18 for a burger that's OK but not special.  

In other words, I'd eat an IHOP burger if others were gathering there and invited me, but I would never have it on the list of places I'd choose from if I were gonna get a burger. 

Our waitress worked her butt off and I hope she got good tips from all of us; she did from me. Also, can't extrapolate to other locations or the corporation overall, but there were very few others in the restaurant at lunch time. I still MUCH prefer IHOP for breakfast than for any other meal, and I think IHOP will struggle to convince people to think about their business as just as good for lunch or dinner as for breakfast.


Thanks for arranging that burger try out yesterday. All in all, the chat was better than the burger! It was a nice group of people.

I’ll stick with my 3.25 out of 5 stars for my Classic burger. Much better (bun, burger and condiments) than the typical fast food offering but not in the Park Burger league.


I ordered the Brunch Burger.

Maybe this sums it up...the toppings were the highlight.

The burger itself was not served hot; the temperature was lukewarm at best. This made the texture seem loose and lumpy.

There was some appealing flavor in terms of spice, especially onion.

The bun was ok but the not-hot state of the burger made the bun seem borderline soggy.

The fries were ok but also not served hot and they could have been cooked longer.

Bottom line-on my next annual visit to IHOP, I’ll stick with breakfast.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

P.S. Our server worked her a** off, that’s always a big plus.


The burger I would say was it was extremely average and 3 1/2 stars. Like I said there I think my classic cheese burger was above McDonald’s and below any other place that is a burger place ie smash burger and so on.

I see why they did the name stunt because other wise it really would just be another thing on their menu. I also don’t really see it making a huge change for IHOP or tapping into a new source in the market. 


3.80 stars.

First on the menu there was not as much choice as the hype of the burger naming the chain with a b. I was expecting to see on the menu the burger presentation to look like the pancake presentation on the menu.

Price and service was as expected for a breakfast place., I would say it was below expectations of a Denny's restaurant. The Burger choices below expectations of both a Denny's restaurateur and a Red Robin restaurant.

Finally the taste and presentation of the burger did not wow on either, I would keep the b out of the name. It was not bad, just not great. I hop would need to get to a Red Robin level to make this a burger destination.

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