I just can't feel bad for missionary killed trying to get to remote island

I'm acquainted with the Andaman Islands because I actually own an antique bow from this remote island chain. (See pictures below.) I don't know its provenance but it's quite distinctive, looking very much like an airplane propeller. The Andmans are known for their remoteness and difficulty in reaching them, as well as for the violent nature of their residents toward outsiders. The people on North Sentinel Island would seem to be the extreme representation of such, with some saying the people there have been isolated there for tens of thousands of years. It is unknown how many people live on the island, but the range of estimates is very wide from 15 to 400. It has been against the law for more than 60 years to get closer than five (nautical) miles to the island's shore. 

Separate from my queasiness about missionary work generally speaking, it was terribly irresponsible for missionary John Allen Chau to try to make contact with the North Sentinal islanders given than they would almost certainly have no immunity to many bacteria or diseases which an outsider could potentially infect such an isolated population with.

Meanwhile, Indian police have arrested seven people who helped Chau approach the island: https://nypost.com/2018/11/23/cops-arrest-suspects-believed-to-help-us-missionary-on-fatal-trip/



A couple of pictures of my Andaman Islands bow. It's about 6 feet tall. Pics are the bow itself, and detail near the center of the bow.

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