Mon Blogcast: Terrorist on a jeep hood; Biden's brain

This is one of the most inspiring interviews I've ever seen

How much do I wish we had a politician with these views and this level of success in the US? Infinity and beyond...


Just One Thing: Terrorist in, and on, the hood

Reuters reported breathlessly that Israeli troops, after being attacked while making an arrest, “exchanged fire, wounding a suspect and apprehending him.” Then they tied him to the hood of a jeep and drove him out of the area, where they turned him over to medics for treatment for his injuries. Look, I get that tying the likely terrorist to the hood isn’t standard operating procedure but I’d like to make a few points: First, it’s probably better than he deserved. Second, it might have prevented them getting shot at on the way out. Third, the Israelis took him to get medical care even though he shot at them. And fourth, what do you think Hamas, or even so-called Palestinian civilians would do if they got their hands on an Israeli? Well, we know because we saw it on October 7th and every day since. Yeah, they tied him to the hood. So what?

Israeli forces strap wounded Palestinian to jeep during raid

Today's Guests

Lora Thomas is a Douglas County Commissioner and candidate for the Colorado State House of Representatives. I have endorsed her in this race because I think her experience as a commissioner, learning about a wider range of issues, will be valuable in the State House. Also, this seat is currently held by a Democrat who is a former Republican and the district could swing either way and I think Lora has a better chance of winning the general election. I have nothing against her opponent though the fact that he's been endorsed by the corrupt state GOP is, of course, a red flag.

Lora Thomas for House District 43

Ernie Smith is the proprietor of Tedium, a fun website that I've been reading for years. Lots of fascinating and often nerdy tidbits. I really enjoyed the most recent article about how the "paper or plastic" debate that we used to have (and still do to some degree) about shopping bags has now made its way into decisions about packaging, such as the stuff that's used to fill empty space when stuff is shipped to you in boxes (so that the stuff doesn't bang around in the box).

Paper Vs. Plastic: How A Grocery-Bag Debate Bled Into Packaging (

Oddly enough, another part of the packaging story (Amazon's new mailers with a new form of built-in padding) relates to this: How Cheese Curls Were Invented: Junk Food’s Happiest Accident (

Other Stuff

This may not be criminal but it sure is unethical: Colorado GOP spent $20K supporting Dave Williams’ congressional campaign (

And don't forget: Colorado Democrats elevate divisive GOP candidate in race for Boebert seat (

When you lose the Weld County GOP: County Republican parties join call to remove Dave Williams as Colorado GOP chairman over Pride emails | News |

Trump has been better on policy issues in this campaign than last time (with the obvious and enormous exception of his insane desire for tariffs.) This is the right position to take and I wanted to give him credit for surprising some of his most ignorant supporters: Trump Green Lights More Green Cards - WSJ

Well deserved: Alex Trebek Stamps |

Clue: Former game show host honored with Forever Stamp -

I hope and suspect 16th Street mall will in fact revitalize when this is all done, but it’s no sure thing and there’s a lot of ruin in the meantime: 16th Street Mall reaches a tipping point with delayed renovations (

Hey Denverites, are you done punishing yourself yet? Denver council to vote on $70 million sales tax hike to fund Denver Health services | News |

They're so confused. First, it was Queers for Palestine. Then you see plenty of people who look like (if I may guess based on appearance) they're part of LGBT protesting for terrorists. I do appreciate that the pro-Hamas protesters (who call themselves pro-Palestinian but we know they really just want dead Jews) are making it clear that they hate gays too. I mean, basically they hate everybody. I suspect they hate themselves, but that makes it mutual because I truly despise anybody who protests against Israel's righteous war of self-defense against murders and rapists: Denver Pride Parade halted by pro-Palestinian protestors | News |

I really do hope this transaction is for the love of indie bookstores. Indeed, it's a little hard to see any other reason for it. Why does Barnes & Noble want Tattered Cover? CEO explains | Business |

I didn't get to this last week. My focus here isn't so much on the details of a semi-local legal story but rather on how every story like this feeds the narrative (that isn't necessarily wrong) that our most important institutions serve the elite rather than the people: This Judge Made Houston the Top Bankruptcy Court. Then He Helped His Girlfriend Cash In. - WSJ

I call this "a good start". So glad to hear that the folks who began "cancel culture" are feeling the boomerang, and for a righteous reason: Campus Reform | 3 in 10 campus 'pro-Palestine' protesters had job offer rescinded in past six months: Survey

I'd add that the comments from the company that did the survey are stupid: 3 in 10 Pro-Palestine Student Activists Had a Job Offer Rescinded in the Last Six Months - Intelligent

Offered without comment: Hajj 2024 death toll crosses 1300; 100 Indians among the deceased | Top updates | World News - Hindustan Times

I don't believe in responding to speech with violence...but can we at least agree on corporal punishment for these 20-yr-old' morons and collaborators with murderous terrorists? You can't really see it in this video, but Jake Tapper's daughter, waved at the idiots and played the National Anthem to/at them. Well done, young lady.

Activists protest outside CNN anchor Jake Tapper's home over coverage (

The Free Press noted that Ms. Tapper authored this when she was 10: Opinion | I’m 10. And I Want Girls to Raise Their Hands. - The New York Times (

Unions are not for the workers; unions are for the unions: How a union vote cost Philadelphia workers their jobs - Washington Examiner

When the cyberattacking criminals hit the right target, the result is very expensive chaos. I do wish some Eastern European police would track down the criminals and cut their hands off. (No, that's not a metaphor. I just mean: cut their hands off so everyone knows what they've done and it will be at least somewhat harder for them to use a computer in the future.) CDK Starts Restoring Systems After Car Dealer Hack (

I owe you this from last week: 😱 Axios Finish Line: Media earthquake

Today's Videos

Even Australian News understands that 1) Biden's brain isn't doing great and 2) the administration's claim that every video showing Biden freezing up or confused is a "cheap fake" is deeply dishonest

60 Minutes' Donald Sutherland compilation

That's a very curious shark!

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