Ross's Required Reading (economics and politics)

[Note: this list is for what I believe to be fundamental texts in the area of political philosophy and economics. For my vacation reading suggestions, try

On Amazon, there are multiple editions of each of these  books so check for the best price! I also encourage folks to look for used books at

Oh, before the book list, here's a brilliant and important 1945 paper by Friedrich Hayek that you can read online, though I recommend you print it out so you can really take your time with its 12 pages: "The Use of Knowledge in Society". I believe this paper undercuts the fundamental intellectual underpinnings of the Progressive state.

And for something short and simple, and the piece of writing which I reference more on my show than any other, Bastiat's "That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen

One more thing before the list: A seminal book for my life was, and is, Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. It's a book whose reputation precedes it a bit. I think it's an must, but it's long and fairly dense and not what I'd call introductory. It's more political philosophy than economics, though it certainly involves the latter. I encourage you to read it, but for non-fiction discussion of economics and political economy, here's the the order in which I'd probably suggest you read them:


Bastiat "The Law" (very short and very important): (Free online PDF) ( $1 book, maybe sold out for the moment) (Amazon)

Henry Hazlitt "Economics in One Lesson" (also short and important): (Free online PDF) ( $1 book) (Amazon)

Thomas Sowell "Basic Economics"

Thomas Sowell "A Conflict of Visions"

Milton Friedman "Free to Choose"

F.A. Hayek "The Fatal Conceit"

F.A. Hayek "The Road to Serfdom"

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